Earth Love United Fondation (ELU) en partenariat avec SPE a lancé ce 24 février 2022 simultanément sa cryptomonnaie sur Binance et PancakeSwap. Les détails dans notre prochaine parution. Mais en avant, nous mettons à votre disposition le communiqué final.


SavePlanetEarth (SPE) is a global carbon sequestration and cryptocurrency project aimed at advocating, providing, and incentivising any and all efforts to curb Global Warming and the ill effects of climate change.
Established in April 2021, SPE began its operations on the get-go by assessing, visiting, and assisting nations that are in dire need of a green canopy – focusing on reforestation and afforestation initiatives using trees that play a crucial role in absorbing the greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. By the end of 2021, SPE has already set over 1.1 billion trees for planting as part of its reforestation efforts, with the majority of these initiatives taking place (or currently ongoing) in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Maldives.
SPE also adds an innovative touch to the age-old tradition of planting trees by utilising the sequestered CO2 as certified carbon credits, which can be used by individuals and organisations alike to reduce their carbon footprints. By doing so, the proceeds generated from these transactions of said credits can be used to fund even more “fieldwork” carbon sequestration activities and future projects pertaining to the overall goal.
Tapping into the lucrative and bustling world of cryptocurrency, SPE – with its $SPE Token – intends to turn the modern financial industry into a green and sustainable marketplace, utilising the virtual currency’s penchant for transparency and accessibility. Along with its forged partnership with carbon-negative achievers such as the Phantasma blockchain, SPE has also created its very own green platform – the “SPEPad” – that helps new and upcoming startups navigate their way through the crypto market fairly and authentically. So far, it had successfully debuted Solar Full Cycle ($SFC) in December 2021, and now, Earth Love United ($ELU) ; many more promising startups are currently on the SPEPad waiting list, undergoing the proper vetting procedure before helping them get their chance at the limelight.
SPE also branched out into the fledgling NFT trend, creating the world’s first, verified Carbon Credit NFTs (CCNFTs), with its very first Limited Edition CCNFT being sold for $70,000.
In a multi-pronged approach to tackling the challenges posed by climate change, SPE has traveled to communities and engaged in social-environmental projects, oftentimes conducting them alongside locals and/or volunteers. Some of these initiatives – such as the tree-planting operation in Bodrum, Turkey in October 2021 – are conducted by showcasing them to the online community to garner exposure along with public attention and interest.
With its countless member and volunteer presence across the globe, along with its partnerships with numerous parties, organisations, and governmental affiliates, SPE continues to expand its projects throughout both the natural and digital ecosystems.



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